Full Day Whistler Valley Epic

Duration: 06:00 (Approx.)

From $259 per person. Looking for the ultimate Big Mountain ride?  You'll find it here.  Our full day advanced ride takes you on an epic journey throughout the Whistler valley. We'll show you our signature trails and take you to places that are hard to find without the local knowledge. 

What to Expect

Great climbs, epic descents, fast rolling trails and/or technical features such as logs & bridges. Rides are customized to the interest of each group.

Where You'll Ride

Trail selection is typically made on the day based on weather and terrain conditions. Your guide has extensive knowledge of the region and will choose trails or activities as conditions dictate.

Prices Include: Local experienced guide, High Performance-Full Suspension-Cross Country Mountain Bike and helmet.   

What to Bring: Comfortable riding clothing including a light rain shell and gloves. We will have a variety of items for purchase at our base. You many bring your shoes and pedals and we'll fit your bike up accordingly.

Activity Level

This trip is rated for Intermediate to Advanced riders. Although this is a full day ride and we would expect you to have some mountain bike experience, we have plenty of options for non-technical riding that is ideal for road riders that have a good level of fitness. We will contact you prior to arrival to assess your technical and physical ability and will help you select the level of riding that's right for you. This ride will be broken into two levels:

BLUE Recommended for fit riders with basic skills

  • Riding: Full Day 4 - 6 Hours
  • Distances: Full Day 40 - 60km
  • Surfaces: Moderate single track that will include riding over tree roots, small rocks and some man made bridges. There will be a combination of accents & descends on mostly packed dirt (un-groomed) trails
  • Elevation Change: Up to 1200m
  • Altitude: Max altitude will be approx 1800m

BLACK A trip for experienced and very fit riders

  • Riding: Full Day 5 - 6 Hours
  • Distances: Full Day 40 - 60km
  • Surfaces: Remote mountainous, exposed terrain with steep ascents and challenging technical descents, uneven trails with loose features, rocks, roots and man made features
  • Elevation change: Up to 1400m
  • Altitude: Max altitude will be approx 2200m

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2 Riders $289

3 or more Riders $259

We require a minimum of 1 day in advance to book this activity online. Alternatively, you can contact our office directly to inquire about short-term bookings.

Full Day Whistler Valley Epic